orangefabThe decided positioning of momit for technology, savings, and the environment has once again seen recognition. On this occasion, our work has been distinguished by the Orange FAB 2016, that gives, in addition to a big push for the business development, the recognition that our objectives to look for sustainability and energy savings are the appropriate path.

Orange FAB 2016 is an initiative of support for innovative products and services and an opportunity to accelerate startups. Our digital thermostats have been selected because they constitute a real proposition of energy and economical saving in the direction of an advanced technology, and also for the development of Spain. My Budget, an exclusive function that the momit devices offer and that allow the user to set a monthly energy budget that adjusts to your objectives, has been an incentive for the mobile operator, at the time of winning the award. This innovation marks itself in the objective of Orange to look for efficiency for the user and for society.

Consequently, our thermostats are now available in Orange stores. momit Smart Thermostat, momit Home Thermostat, momit  Cool and momit  Bevel (whose launch will take place in the winter of 2016) can be purchased in the establishments of the operator, inside the collection of Smart Home. It tries not only to amplify our net of distribution of the products, but also reinforce the philosophy that unites both businesses that work for sustainability and vanguard technology.

Additionally, thanks to Orange FAB, momit will access a program that accelerates startups and will be present, with the communications company, at International Paris Demo Day, an event that awards great scope and international visibility that allows for the knowledge of our products to businesses and relevant investors. The web of contacts that Orange has adds greatly to our objectives.


To collaborate with the best and make great alliances points us in the right direction. Our alliance with Orange will from this moment create an essential push in the growth of our business.