As always, the cold has suddenly arrived to many parts of our country. The time to change our wardrobes usually coincides with great discomfort in homes because we tend to delay the moment to finally turn on the heating.winter-sunset-021

Combining common sense and the use of advanced technologies like the ones used in smart thermostats, it’s possible to contain the cost to heat homes and buildings. These are some basic tips to follow:

  1. Take care of radiators. Before you turn them on you should purge them, meaning to expel all the air that has accumulated inside. Radiators are not clothes lines: putting clothes on top of them to dry will drastically reduce their efficiency.
  1. Be sure to avoid heating leaks through windows and doors. Heating without ensuring good isolation is not only expensive but inefficient, too.
  1. Benefit from the sun. Open your blinds and curtains when the sun is shining. It is the strongest source of heat that exists.
  1. Don’t select an excessive temperature. In the winter it’s normal to be at home and slightly bundled up, and to expect to reach temperatures of 25 or 25 degrees results in enormous heating costs, in addition to a great effect on our environment.calefeccion
  1. Choose the best technology. It is just as important to buy the individual heating device, always with the most efficient heating energy as possible, as it is to pick the right smart thermostat. With the smart devices from momit, controlled from your phone, we can increase your savings up to 30% thanks to technology and advanced saving functions that allow for planning of your energy costs and better control to reduce them, like the calendar, geolocalization, statistics, weather forecasts, and My Budget, the most effective method to control costs.

The smart thermostats of momit learn from the habits of users and can propose better ways to reduce the cost of your energy bill.