momit will explain the benefits of the application of IOT technology in the HVAC field, in Sannar, the air conditioning and refrigeration exposition.

Madrid, March 29, 2017. momit® will attend Sannar 2017, held in Brazil, demonstrating the benefits of its IOT technology in the HVAC field. This air conditioning and refrigeration event is key to presenting momit’s smart products, which are specialized in energy savings, to Latin America.

momit will hold two conferences in which it will demonstrate how we can achieve real energy savings. By using smart products connected to the internet, specifically applied to the HVAC field, the user can control their smart thermostats through the momit app on their mobile phone.

momit’s smart thermostats not only allow users to adjust the temperature of their living spaces from their smartphone, but they can also use their mobile phones as the thermostat’s remote control, wherever they are. These smart products learn from the habits and energy consumption needs of our users to guarantee more control over their energy bill. This way, users always have control over their consumption in real time for the current period. This function allows users to avoid wasting energy and to lower their monthly energy bill.

Now, our users decide how much their monthly energy bill will be and they can be certain of the exact amount they are paying. These products allow our users to save up to 30% on their energy bill, thanks to advanced functions such as Geolocation, Scheduling, and Presence, among others.